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Anxiety, Depression, Overthinking

OCD, Panic Attacks, Frustrations, Anger, Fear, Insomnia & Procrastination

10x Faster than CBT, w/o Medicine, Counselling or Meditation

Mental Health Online Workshop

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This Workshop is specially designed for you, if....

You feel Physically, Mentally or Emotionally exhausted.

You have been suffering from Depression for a long time.

You are unable to sleep through out the night.

You constantly procrastinate your important tasks.

You have been on medicines or other modern therapies like ECT for many years but could not heal a little bit.

You feel Physically, Mentally or Emotionally exhausted.

You feel exhausted from OCD, Negative-thinking or Over-thinking etc.

Stress and Anxiety have become your life-partners.

You are afraid of some unknown fear or any kind of phobia.

You have tried everything like Meditation, Yoga, Motivation, Positive Affirmations, Law of Attraction etc. for no use.

You have been addicted to medicines and your doctor suggests to continue the medicines.

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What you will learn in this Workshop

An Online Workshop where you can discover our simple, effective and easy way to Master the Thoughts, Emotions and Behaviours. Here’s what you’re going to discover in this Mental Health Awareness Online Workshop

Introduction to the Role of Mental Health in our life.

What are some mental health issues and how to overcome them without any medicine.

Understanding the risks of negative thoughts, behaviours, emotions and their root cause.

Get easy steps to realize and eliminate your unconsciously created negative pattern and get the tools to design your happiest version. 

You will become the witness of at least one emotional transformation within you.

You will become the witness of the transformation in your own mind and body almost instantly.

Learn the Science behind your old patterns and how to break them.

You will learn how to train your mind so that you may remain calm in Stressful Situation. 

Roadmap to implement our powerful techniques to achieve the desired  mental and emotional state so that you may live a life full of happiness and abundance. 

The cost of not taking action

Bonuses of Rs 9997/-

Just by joining this Workshop

Mental Health Community

Life time free access to our private mental health community, worth Rs 3999/- 

Mental Health Workshop

Free access to one more Workshop if you miss by any reason, worth Rs 1999/-

Self Care Box

Powerful and Proven Techniques for practice at home, worth Rs 3999/-

Know Your Mentor

Lekh Raj Singh is the founder and director of IHNLP. He has helped more than 10000 people overcoming their negative thoughts, emotions and behaviour in the past 10 years. His vast experience in the field makes him expert in handling difficult cases.

Lekh Raj Singh

about the Mentor

Frequently Asked Questions

This Workshop will be delivered online via Zoom. You can join it from anywhere using your mobile phone or computer.

After making payment you would be requested to join a WhatsApp Group. All the information related to the course and the link for the Live sessions will be sent to you in the WhatsApp Group.

This  Workshop will be streamed live on Zoom.

You are expected to attend it live and strictly no recordings and replays are provided.  

No. It is not just another online course, it gives you 100% transformation. 

You will get insights on why you are unable to break free from stress, anxiety, depression or any other mental health issue that might be completely eye opening experience for you. You can break free from your issues .. but may require beyond this Workshop. 

No refund policy

The language of the Workshop will be Hindi and  the material provided will be in English. 

This Workshop is designed to give you at least one breakthrough. Once you get the confidence, then you can take up next levels to solve all your problems.

Yes, I will share the option to continue to learn from me and join my advanced level program that has changed my client’s lives. They have transformed their life in many folds. 

I feel it is my duty to give the mentorship option to the people who really need help in executing the teaching to fast results.

Are You Ready To Take This First Step Towards Your mental and emotional well being

mental health awareness Workshop

Wed, 10th Jul 2024 | 8:00 PM

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